Tombolo Talasso Resort: welfare in eastern Tuscany

Tombolo Talasso Resort welfare in eastern Tuscany

The Tombolo Talasso Resort is a spa located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, in the province of Livorno, in cui guests can enjoy exclusive care related to mental well-being Such as thalassotherapy, shiatsu, Thai, aromatic and volcanic rocks, mud baths and saunas.

Tombolo The Thalasso Resort is also a true SPA, “Salus Per Aquam” health through water, where sea water is used as an extraordinary resource for the hot tubs with algae and salts, underwater hydro-massages and all treatments targeted to the care and well-being.

If you need to take a break from the stress of the holiday season and spend some time relaxing and being a haven of peace in the heart of Tuscany is the right choice for you. Inside the Tombolo Talasso Resort oriental techniques to apply the best thalassotherapy, whose goal is to completely regenerate the body.

Among the various treatments available to guests exclusive That Is of the center , we have the package “Orient Expresso”, part of the treatment Tha, to release the energy and restore mental and physical balance of the body. Particular this treatment is a combination of the technique of Chinese acupressure along the meridians “Sen” with a yoga-inspired stretching, combined with a nutrient bath oil and a bamboo peeling copper salts from the Dead Sea.

We then package the “Polynesian wave” That starts with a massage, Indonesian, Malay Sea, Which thanks to the harmonious movements and enveloping AIMS to recreate the balance between Yin and Yang. After this massage is then used in the reflexology and all ‘Ayurveda : a massage can reactivate the system in muscle, lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body.

The Tombolo Talasso Resort, surrounded by nature, is definitely the perfect place to rejuvenate from the stress treatments completely natural, essential to our health.

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