Shine Touch: the new ink lipstick L’Oreal Paris

 lipstick L'Oreal Paris

It’s summer, let’s face it, we all want to freshness and color. Also for our greatest pleasure, L’Oreal Paris imagine new inks called Shine Lipstick Caress.

Thanks to its unique formula highly concentrated in oils and water, Shine Touch has a liquid texture, smooth and lightweight for easy application. Wet lips effect both bright and sensual. Gloss is subtle and modern, for lips naturally sublimated and outcome “bitten lip” insured.

The natural effect is reinforced by the brush, which takes the form of a feather and perfect wife and lips. You are part of a disaster and do not have time to apply it at home? No problem, with this innovative brush, no need to look: Shine Touch gets one action and without a mirror! Epatant not?

In short, a new generation of inks lips was born, the result color that lasts in time, void of matter, total comfort and above all, a radiant smile.

And because you’re worth it, innovation Shine Touch has a formula that does not dry the lips and a little sweet smell develops just gently tickle the nostrils…

A palette of eight colors that comes from pastel pink to brown to red brick is available. Easy to wear, pop tart nuances Shine Touch flatter the complexion and reveal a luminous and radiant face. Lolita, Romy, Marilyn, Princess Juliet Eve, Milady, Bonnie … Which will fall for you?

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