New L’oreal

New L'oreal

Today I want to present the latest news from L’oreal for nails, eyes and lips.

On the one hand we have the new Shine range Caresse, a very new line in texture as it resembles a gel but nevertheless covers almost like a lipstick and add much luster.

A new eye shadow adds to the Infallible range, new Color Riche nail polishes and first approach the gel eyeliner crackeladores and surprising.

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The first thing I can say about these glosses is that closely resemble the YSL Glossy Stains, texture is a tad sticky, like the other and after a while the lip remains tainted by what they have rather high duration but not the principle brightness.

New L'oreal

The new shade of eye shadow that is not my favorite, is a very bright blue to guess that beareth rarely match but that does not have enough to need it. What I like about these shadows is their durability because although it has a creamy texture, are fixed on the eyelid to the speed of light and not crack. Here’s another review of these scraps of eyes if you want to see more colors.

Another thing is the new nail lacquers and as I have said, are hesitant to enter the world of crackeladores quite rightly.

I especially liked the 622 Soft Chinchilla, a grayish yono with only one layer, covers perfectly.

That disappointed me a bit was the 702, the pitch black, has a light texture, light and does not cover enough, apply 2 coats so if we add crackelador layer above layer remains very I’m not convinced thick.

Currently only have brought these two tones crackeladores, 813, gray with glitter and 814, a very intense red dare hope that with more.
My favorite combination of tone 3 is 622 with 814.

What surprised me most of all was the new gel eyeliner.

It has a texture very easy to work with, a very intense color and does not move from the site.

It has nothing to envy of other high cosmetic eyeliners making it a great choice if you seek a liner of these features at a price well below the rest.

The bristles of the brush are medium hard and has a rounded tip, I prefer those who are bevelled but it does its job quite well.

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