Kiehl’s and Kenny Scharf

Kiehl's and Kenny Scharf

Christmas at Kiehl’s has come from the most colorful!

Every year, especially during the holidays, Kiehl’s launches charity project and works with any actor / actress or character in the world of culture and art to raise money for a charitable cause.

This year it is the legendary American artist Kenny Scharf, known for his famous paintings and murals pop art comic style that can be seen in museums and streets of New York filled with many details, happy and colorful. It was a key piece of street art in the age of 80 and work very carca with Andy Warhol.

Do you wish to see the new design for this Christmas?

If you have gone through some boutique these days, as you may have noticed that they have more life, the decor is much more colorful and fun and really puts you in a good mood!

Kiehl's and Kenny Scharf

The iconic label and Creme De Corps is designed especially for this artist and 100% of the proceeds raised will go to children’s causes in the case of Spain, will go to the Make a Wish Foundation, which is responsible for making dreams come true of children.

Sure there are many fans of Creme de Corps reading this so I encourage quedaros or without this limited edition will secure a point of joy in your bathroom …. and your skin will thank you!

The red doll called “Squirt” and is a super limited edition of just 2,000 units, it will be available in Spain but if you travel to the U.S. you can find in the Kiehl’s boutiques, is not it lovely?

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