Guerlain Terracotta Blush: Guerlain cream blush

Guerlain Terracotta Blush Guerlain cream blush

It is well known, the temperature rises more makeup just waiting to disappear. Well, not completely either, it’s not because it’s summer that suddenly feels the confidence to go out bare skin.

So if you too are fans of the cult Terracotta but you are looking for fresh and light textures to survive August, the message that follows is for you.

Guerlain has created a revolutionary blush cream illuminator. A pump to carry around a slightly tinted iridescent cream, two colors to choose from. And for the rest, carte blanche: it applies wherever you want on the face, on the cheekbones to the side look good on the eyes in shadow on the bridge of the nose to illuminate.

It modulates the color finger to a more or less steady. Are alternated or mixed coral and pink. In short, it explodes.

Result in a flick of blush pink cheeks rising flames and temperature in the room. And we will not even see that you cheated.

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