Grand Bal, The New Dior For Christmas 2012

The New Dior For Christmas 2012

We continue with the holiday makeup collections and now it’s up to Dior and Grand Bal.

Although almost all have in common gold and silver tones, this does not cease to amaze, especially for the packaging, which place special emphasis on these dates and Dior specializes in it.

Slim, sleek and glamorous is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this collection on the stand.

Apart from classical quartets and rich lipsticks, there is a product in this collection that I loved and surely puts a distinctive touch to the holidays, you know what?

The Grand Bal palette comes in an elegant gold box and in it you can find a Shadow Duo in gold / silver and two shades of gloss you can combine with each other.

The now classic 5 Couleurs palettes in two shades, although similar, the palette of the Left. Have more intense colors to wear on a night look and the drcha. Softer tones.


Two shades of gloss, golden loose powder to illuminate the face and body, a golden eyeliner and false eyelashes put the finishing look to a bright and very Christmassy.

The nail polishes and lipsticks are Diorific Range, years ago it hit the market and its packaging is the same, is elegant and feminine. If you try any of these bars, notice a creaminess and coverage you will not find in other signature lip.

These tabs are the most. It is the product of which I spoke at the beginning of this post, my favorite, do not tell me you do not look spectacular with golden eyeliner?

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