Eighteen thousand dollars for the world’s most expensive flip-flops that are good for nature

A pair of flip flops artist that cost of eighteen thousand dollars are also more expensive, but that are good for nature. It is the initiative launched by Chipkos, a company specializing in eco-friendly footwear, which has asked a Los Angeles artist, David Palmer, flip-flops to implement the special collectibles.

The cost, however, is not only due to the signature and the special design: for every pair purchased, the company will protect one hundred thousand square meters of land in the rainforest of Costa Rica, thus protecting the delicate ecosystem.


The new ecological lifestyle now affects different aspects of life everyday, even sparking a race to the recycling of luxury, as the villa was built with pieces of real Boeing.

The slippers are so special to be part of the collection of high-quality shoes, next to chic models or design without disfiguring.

In addition, the eighteen thousand U.S. dollars are also used to save the environment: how to combine business with pleasure.

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