Cernobbiodeluxe, Giovanna Faverio Reveals the Secrets to My Luxury for luxury holidays

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Not long ago, we presented the exclusive service Cernobbiodeluxe, the prestigious Portal That Allows you to organize holidays or super luxury in enchanting places and exclusive residences. My Luxury has interviewed the creator of this initiative, Giovanna Faverio, who outlined in detail how the service works and told us some “gem” on a dream holiday.

Joan, she has created together with some friends an important network dedicated to luxury holidays. Can you tell us how it was born and developed this idea?

“After several work experiences in the world of fashion and luxury, and considering the experience exhausted, I felt the need to have a mine project. Therefore, coming from a family that has always worked in the real estate / business, I wanted to combine my experience in the fashion and luxury industry with the family tradition. Like all things, talking with some friends the owners of houses important I wanted to try this new challenge to manage on their Behalf, offering it as the location for weekly rentals of luxury.

One thing leads and since last year we have also Dealt with the Part Relating to real estate, collecting items not on the market and customers who need total privacy. All offers listed on our website in fact guarantee absolute privacy, but there are chances that Also because we do not advertise they are the same owners to want to stay ‘secrets.’ For example, there is a villa on Lake Como reachable only by boat or property Belonging to a prominent family in Sicily who absolutely wants to remain anonymous.’

What are the innovative features of the service you offer, exploiting the potential of the web?

“The main plus ‘that you can’ Organize your luxury holiday from home with assistance of 100% and a complete attention required services. In short, a holiday safer and more attentive to the needs of the customer. Underlying all this there ‘our knowledge of the properties’ proposals and services of interest to you (art-tours, ticket reservation, vip car, seaplane, helicopter, private jet, day boat trip, beauty treatment and massages, personal shopper, classes and courses …).

We love “pamper” our customers with very specific Initiatives, but highly interesting as Italian lessons for foreigners who love our language or courses in watercolor painting, cooking or shiatsu massage. Also there are customers who have asked us to learn to weave straw hats in the canton of Ticino, or from local craftsmen to learn the art of bagpipes.

You use the Web, but the approach and ‘that is just absolutely bespoke tailored, satisfying the most’ as possible the needs of the customer who try to “cuddle” at best. We believe very personal contacts based on a complete trust with this philosophy, we have created a strong network of partnerships around the world. For us today, the Italian territory is proposed for weekly rentals, while the real estate is managed in Europe. We want to differentiate the high quality of the approach to the customer.’

In this time of economic crisis, which addresses the Difficulties of the luxury real estate market?

“The luxury market has declined. Above all, the customer, Even those with deep pockets, and ‘become closer and then choose those Who makes a lot more attention to detail. As for us we always try to satisfy our customers in order to choose us again in the future. ”

Who are your customers like?

Around the world, Mainly Anglo-Saxon or other north European countries. American, Australian, New Zealand, Italian and French are contacting through our employee who works Directly from Paris.

Customers are Often groups of friends or families with children of all ages’. In Additions, We also work with companies, organizing meetings and corporate events. There are, finally, the famous people who go on vacation with all their staff.

In your experience, what are the most popular destinations in Italy for luxury travel?

“The whole of Italy and ‘always well demand by foreigners, from the islands to the cities’ art. In our experience, those who want the sea Often chooses Sicily, Sardinia and the island in general. For Those Who prefer a holiday more ‘ different and more ‘luxury chooses the lakes, Como Especially where customers can enjoy a holiday by the pool or take a trip by boat but Also afford a day of shopping or touring the city’ d ‘art near. Even the airports are very comfortable and easy to reach. ”

What is the average cost for a holiday in one of the historic houses you handled?

“We manage villas with a very high budget but Also properties’ that are available to everyone. The prices have a range of between one thousand to € 120 thousand euro a week. The average is about 7 thousand for a week’s stay. Even in the property more ‘simple are always guaranteed of high quality service and support. ”

And ‘interesting to address the issue of entrepreneurship of the women, there were Difficulties in his career two PRECISELY to the fact of being a woman?

No, absolutely not. Also ’cause now it seems to me that we women are atto take on any role by seeing things with a feminine sensibility and precision organizational Often men missing.

Schwartz wins Richard we are accuracy, consistency and attention.

How do you reconcile the Commitments of a complex activity like this with the family life of all days?

“I’ve always been accustomed to having a discipline to manage a day’s work and private life.

Of course the sacrifices are many, but When It ‘passion fatigue is rarely felt. In this work, there are still two aspects: the first is That You Can Organize your work autonomously, the second is that, Because of this, you are Likely to always work. The recipe is that you should not forget the moments of private life that are indispensable.”

And finally, what goals recommended to our readers for the next summer? Destination some genuine connoisseur?

“I would say Lake Como and Sicily! Sicily prices has certainly more ‘affordable’, while Como is for a higher target two to the presence of George Clooney. Indeed, some customers have even as from Hong Kong to buy a house close to that of the famous American actor.”

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