Bobbi Brown Collection For Christmas 2012

Bobbi Brown Collection For Christmas

Christmas came, not officially, but we know that almost a month before we can find collections devoted to these special days of almost all cosmetic companies.

This year, Bobbi Brown does not offer much new, have the shadow palettes, lip palettes, brushes sets ….

With it we know what is and yet one always approaches the stand to watch the “colorful” Christmas is a tradition.

Lately I’ve gone back to his books and copy reeler certain looks and I concluded (at least in my case) I do not need to complicate my life as far as makeup is concerned and with little, can benefit substantially by At least, in that, we agree.

Bobbi Brown Collection For Christmas

In this collection we highlight the case, it is very practical and stylish but it seems expensive. What I most like are the Shimmer Brick in gold, I’m in love with another permanently, Bronze, and use these very often but I look absolutely beautiful.

Moreover, as more of the same, eye palettes in shades leftovers that you may already have some other collection and so does the lip sets but are a good choice if you want to have your favorite tunes in one place.

The cream shadows my attention, they can be metallic shine is very nice to look simple yet elegant.

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