Work is not an excuse to eat poorly

At that, it’s question: Should not prevent consumption of any food group to the profile of life and work of each person?

Regularly discussing a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This is considered by some as a standard rule, which would ensure the health. Dr. Bethany White, with masters in Nutrition at Harvard University in Boston, points out that “no one should overlook any food group, regardless of the type of work.”

Work is not an excuse to eat poorly

As medical nutritionist, White was for 20 years at the National Institute of Nutrition, also provided their expertise to entities Unicef and World Bank. He was previously a professor at Simon Bolivar University, and now spends his time giving workshops to companies and educational institutions.

This specialist says: “A balanced diet consists of all the food groups in moderate portions because with this, it provides the calories required each according to calories expended in activity.”

Now, people who devote their lives to work, becoming sedentary, should consume, though, amounts that will maintain a healthy weight.

White stresses that there is a mathematical power, according to which: “the biggest spender should eat more food calories”.

Does it vary the way you eat when life is dedicated to the office?

“Vary the amount, although people who spend the day in the office should develop physical activity climbing stairs, stopping the computer at least every two hours and trying to exercise on the weekends.”

What a person should eat for your health?

“A varied diet including fruits and vegetables at every meal, with low-fat dairy, small portions of meat and chicken, fish twice a week, half a cup of beans three times a week and drinks with no added sugar” .
Caloric intake is desirable for those tied to a schedule executive, would, according to the medical nutritionist, as follows: up to 65% carbohydrate, 30% fat and 14% protein.

How not to be a victim of carbohydrates if you spend all day in an office?

“Carbohydrates should stay on a healthy diet (rice, flour or bread), watching fats are added and the serving size.”

How many times should a person eat?

“Four to five small meals a day.”

Are there foods office?

“No, but a well stocked lunchbox vegetables and fruits; servings of pasta and rice, yogurt and crackers are a good choice. Another proposal is to agree with each other and catered to a person who follows the instructions of a nutritionist. A major recommendation is not to fill the drawers of goodies and keep fruit on hand. ”

How to avoid the temptation to choose fast food?

“Preparing before, that is, no food improvising, making planning for the week. Anyway If you go to a fast food franchise, recommend ordering small portions and not eating potato chips and drinking soda.

Estimated that most food portions of the road are almost twice the recommended serving, so in these cases should eat half, whether pie, sliver or a complete meal of food. From what it is that if someone wants to weigh less, then you should eat less. ”

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