Ways to get natural skin beauty without

Is expecting your cosmetics to work to give you the beauty of your skin.. Here are 10 ways to maintain normal skin.

Eggs: Do you love him or mixed with boiled?? Whatever love him, Protein present in the eggs works on dry hair gloss and protect it from rainfall and works to strengthen it.

How to use: Make yourself a Mask Care Hair from white through whipping number 2 eggs and Mzjhm with a tablespoon of olive oil, add content to your hair and then covered hair cover plastic and leave for a period ranging from 20 – 30 minutes, but the best results Use a hair dryer to add more heat (heat-dried) and then finished by washing hair shampooed twice well.

As a result of treatment: strong and silky hair.

Tomato Tomatoes: This plant Red very special, especially in benefits that work on skin care, which contain vitamin C and potassium and some vehicles important work to strengthen the body’s immune system and is considered tomatoes are stock main for a healthy body.

The tomato is also working on adding luster to your skin, as it works on the cleanliness and purity of the skin and restore the natural balance is working to improve the pores in the skin.

Ways to get natural skin beauty without

How to use: Rub the tomato slices over the skin and your face and leave for 15 minutes and then wash your face.

As a result of treatment: vital skin retain its beauty.

Strawberries: These fruits are not only acting to give mouth taste nice but rather they are very useful for the body, they contain compounds work to give your body healthy and also contain acids natural fruit, and of course also the smell of the fruit natural makes it one of the early fruits of natural which has a very important role in the manufacture of perfumes and beauty.

How to use: Mix some Iimarma tablespoons tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of salt to get the right mix for cleaning and peeling skin. Massage the mixture on the hands and legs like a massage.

Result of the experiment: soft skin and smell good.

vinegar Vinegar: not just for Osthaddam work Albarmazian Authority, it is possible to become a key element also in the closet Care Tools in your bathroom, it works to remove hair sticking to leave your hair shiny and smooth as silk.

How to use: Use a tablespoons vinegar Odiverm hair wash-final (last rinse) and then dried as usual.

Result of the experiment: to shiny hair.

Honey Honey: is a natural anti-bacterial diseases, and honey is not only soothing to the skin, but it helps to moisturize the skin and makes it soft and restores vitality.

How to use: if we use honey for skin beauty, we take Malqtin honey and method of use: Oveby Min. tablespoons tablespoons of honey in a cup of very hot water and add the mixture to the bath water (bathtub), then sit down and relax.

Result of the experiment: the skin very refreshed.

The fruits of avocado Avocados: usually wish to get rid of fat accumulated around the central region if by grams, but the fat they contain avocado seeds are fat you need dry skin for granted adequate hydration and smoothness.

How to use: Put on your face (mask) Thin layer of mashed avocado fruit, and leave for 15 minutes before warm water wash, then national dry skin, and repeat this twice to three times a week.

Result of the experiment: soft skin moist.

Lemon juice Lemon Juice: all you need to do is just a pinch of lemon juice to get rid of fading and staining your nails, and with bleached natural lemon Fella very high ability to bleaching and cleaning your nails.

How to use: Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of Albekenj powder composition suitable powder is placed on the nail and leave for 5 minutes before washing.

Ntihh experience: nails soft white.

Apples: “eating an apple every day, away from the doctor’s visit,” this argument is not sufficient it contains large amounts of antioxidants and also works to strengthen the skin cells.

How to use: When using apples in the treatment of skin, you must remove crust apple and heart apple and cut into four parts and Mzjhma spoon tablespoon of honey, then put the mixture on your face Kmask normal for a period ranging between 15 – 20 minutes, then remove the catcher Baalme warm and Wipe dry your face.

Ntihh experience: skin tight and harmonious.

Yogurt Yoghurt: may you may be aware of its benefits health many in the case add to your diet, but she also has an important role in skin care and revitalization, and you do not have to eat only, but put them on the body as well, that fat milk in the yogurt working to clean the skin as that lactic acid works to remove dead cells from the skin.

How to use: Massage the amount tablespoon yogurt on your face in a warm room, for a certain period, NATIONAL then washing your face thoroughly with warm water and dried thoroughly.

Result of the experiment: the skin soft and clean.

Coffee: when you wake up to the smell of coffee, then Astkhaddmiha to revive your skin through Asthmamk, Slimming coffee contain different amounts of vitamin E and contains antioxidants and antibacterial and Other Vehicles gives skin several advantages.

How to use: Put the amount of coffee and Use Sediments Huskers for when Asthmamk skin, rinse well and then moisturize your skin.

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