The three keys to look and feel beautiful

The three keys to look and feel beautiful

What is more important to buy a lot of seasonal clothing or have a couple of spectacular clothes? Invest in good shoes or a handbag?

Makeup to fashion trends or spending? With the amount of information we receive every day, no wonder you do not know or where to start, so even though I love fashion and it is important to have a good bag or a part of the season, I think to feel and look pretty are three keys that do not fail. Are these three:

Sal always spotless house

Whether you go to the gym, to the office, to dinner with your partner or shopping with your mother, make sure when you leave the house always carry an unblemished image. Whether the look is casual (for the gym) or formal (to go to a party), look at yourself and make sure you look good. The basics: clean and well groomed hair, a touch of makeup (especially to correct dark circles and imperfections), a little blush, mascara and accessories is perfect (shoes, bag, etc.). No matter what your style, if you have this in mind, you and you’ll always feel pretty.

Beware the inside

Interestingly, when we eat bad (you know, pastries, sausages, manufactured food and so on that you and I know so well), you automatically feel worse. Yes, while you finish the chocolate cake are in glory, but after half an hour, plus remorse, you’ll probably be hungry again. Treat yourself once in a while, of course, but the rest of the time take care and eat for health!, Exercise, rest … You will see that as soon as you get priority care of yourself, you feel better quickly.

Put in a good mood

We often say that the most attractive women are not the prettiest, but the most smiling and have a better mood. A positive person, good humor and easy smile is much more attractive than one that is all day frowning and moody. I know with the times is not easy, but try to put a little humor in your life every day, see how you look and feel better.

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