The elegance of a fabric: tweed

The elegance of a fabric  tweed

Today I want to highlight a type of tissue that goes with everything and lately in the visits I make to my favorite stores I see that is constantly repeated. I’m certainly talking tweed garments.

One of the garments that is winning this season but that takes a lot of time doing is the tweed jacket in the style of CHANEL. You know, straight cut pieces to hip height.

Today, and certainly following the trend this season stronger, tacks, this piece is reinvented. See it at any store, from low-cost to those that are a little less affordable. Garments classic rockers become a single detail.

What I like the tweed fabric is far from classic look can bring to your look sophisticated and elegant air that you need. I like a lot of these jackets combine with a cigarette and a good heels. There are people who carry convinces both garments of the same fabric, creating a set. Not for me. I like very much to go “unpaired”. For example, if I choose a tweed skirt, try the top is completely different. You can try with a basic tee stamped or not, or leather.


Another thing I like best are the seemingly impossible combinations. These mixtures will think you do not reconcile and ultimately end up proving the winning look. I’ve already put some examples: the mixture of tweed and leather, tweed cotton shirt, wool tweed … What I recommend is that you do not wear bulky clothing when styling combine your tweed, to prevent it adding volume to your figure.

In any case, it is important that you feel comfortable with the style you choose, whatever it is. You know the trends so I can go a day, update your wardrobe with what is carried over, but my advice is not to wear them all together shops, and radicalices not like that!

If, for example, you like the look lady, trying to break the sweetness of this style with some complement a little cane. If you go for the tacks, not bring in all items, or only do supplements.

Find a style that will not go unnoticed.

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