Skin Care: 7 to obtain new

Back rhymes with novelties. And the beauty is no exception to this reality: pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets are full of jars while hot, which promise to make the skin wrinkles, stains and dullness. Overview of some new features.

Genifique Youth Activating Eye Light-Pearl, Lancome

Target the eye contour identified, poached and wrinkled.

Skin Care

Mission: caffeine, escin and algae combine to iron the wrinkled area around the eyes and rest. To maximize the action of active ingredients, this treatment has a new type applicator. Oblong, it is made of polished stainless steel with ceramic and porcelain, and smoothed by diamond powder. Articulated, the Pearl has a gentle rotation angle of 50 degrees, so she managed to reach less accessible areas for a relaxing massage and decongestant for more saving.

Application advice: To reduce crow’s feet, we use the pearl on each ride. To reduce dark circles and puffiness, circular movements are performed under the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Deep care anti-aging Revitalift Triple Power Lzr of L’Oreal Paris

Target: wrinkled skin and visibly relaxed.

Mission: This day cream corrects wrinkles, thickens the skin and reshapes the facial contours. Pro-Xylan is concentrated to 3%, it promotes wound healing and stimulates cell renewal. It is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, an asset capable of retaining water in the skin to give it more pulpy. Inspired laser procedures offered in medical offices, this cream-gel melts into the skin and leaves a scent of bergamot and freesia.

Application advice: put in a bead on the cheeks, forehead, earlobes and neck, then spread the material by rotating movements. Let stand one minute before applying makeup.

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