Enjoy your beauty and your time with Palit makeup NYX


Fresh bouquet wonderful makeup NYX was named for gods night, and it featured the shadows and made from ingredients high-quality spread around the world in at least 43 countries, and was able to establish a prominent place in the market make-up to give you a beautiful and multiple attractive colors, each This is a huge price-fits-all budget does not overtax woman .. Now the beauty you can world Kenjmat and Jamilath without worry.

Depending on the fame wide the brand NYX develop and launch a series of shades eye makeup and lips and cheeks vary between colors bare transparent for the day, bright and commensurate with the latest fashion, and is an ideal choice for every woman feel confused in choosing colors appropriate to grant temptation and pleasure Among Groups provided by this wonderful brand as follows:

Palit Be Free and bouquet Be Fierce:
Each of these Albaqtin to 25 shade different to the eyes, as well as three shades of red cheeks and seven polishes the lips you can choose from as befits with eye shadow you would like it, and vary Palit Be Fierce for Alpali other feature a shade more Dkona including dark blue and black eye shadow, and shades of purple lips.

A transparent shadows or bare existing Bpali Be Free is ideal for women who tend to make quiet and prefer bold colors or shiny, and contains 10 shades of lip transmitted from neutral colors to bright red.

Palit The Glitter Cream Pallet:
Contain Palit the Glitter Cream Pallet on a bouquet of bright colors and includes 21 colors scintillating between yellow, white, copper and gray to have enjoyed your beauty and your facial features including impress.

All prices Palit:

  • Palit Be Free available at £ 20.
  • Palit Be Fierce available at £ 20.
  • Palit Glitter Cream Pallet available at £ 14.

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