Elixir find more temptation in perfume Rouge

Launched Queen magic and beauty and devoted herself to do roles comic satirical perfume second this year 2012, a year after its appearance, combined all the elements to become the elixir of temptation is attractive and stylish and these are the most important features that distinguish the artist “Dita Von Teese” for others.

perfume Rouge

Painstakingly designed to highlight the best creations even drove us two bottles fragrance one bottle big and the other small you to save them inside your handbag, was derived beauty of the charm of past ages and are designed in the same style precious jewelry with sparkle lavish, and resorted to a modern woman and a unique personality such as artist “Dita Von Teese “to be a symbol to announce this wonderful fragrance every stylish woman strong and self-confident and that’s what will give fragrance to him.

The designer brought “Christian von der Heide” in an artistic way to the world of fragrance three charming colors black, white and sparkling ruby gem and designs from the late nineteenth century.

Breeze fragrance:
Fragrance contains natural odors filled with temptation, gravity, and include:

Glimpses of the summit consists of:

  • Bergamot.
  • Orange.
  • Pink pepper.

Glimpses heart consists of:

  • Almangolea.
  • Black tea.

Glimpses base consists of:

  • Wooden Fragrances.
  • Amber.

Fragrance is available in more than one package 20 mM and the other 40 million, and there is a very large explosive 200 million a body lotion with the same breeze fragrance, as well as the means to shower in an explosive 200 mM.

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