Working from home: the career opportunity exists for the modern woman

The current international economic crisis has forced reinvent the labor market. If long ago that a “job for life” is a matter of our grandparents, having to go to an office every day, sign and endure the bad mood of some fellow chiefs and begins to fall out of date. The job boards have increasingly telework jobs.

Working from home

Telework is one of the most interesting options within the job, to find a career opportunity for both companies and for a woman who wants to combine with some success the family and professional life.

The most demanded professions working at home are what are called “liberals”, as those having to do with the design, communication, sales, or public relations, but more and more companies with these deals employment among their own staff. This reduces costs and give more freedom to the worker. Oddly enough, it feels more committed to a company that gives you this flexibility and performance, therefore, is higher.


  • Freedom of schedule. You can create your own work schedule, including holidays. You just have to plan ahead properly the tasks and meet the work schedule of your industry to go on vacation.
  • Be your own boss and make your own decisions helps to have a greater well-being and personal growth.
  • Job wide. The offer of employment in this sector is growing.
  • Your family. If you have children, do not have to burden you much when they get sick. You can continue working from home and not suffer because you have to miss work and your boss rethinks your renewal.
  • Higher income. In this type of jobs usually, salaries tend to be higher, and you charge according to the amount of work you do.


  • Lack of daily relationship with others. Sometimes you miss a mid-morning coffee to discuss the series of fashion, but you can always organize your social calendar for meetings at least once a week.
  • You have to be super organized and very well control the time you spend at work and spend what the family, or you run the risk of being absorbed by the professional. If you control this time, you will not have problems.

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