The delicate skin around the eyes Part 1

‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul “and says a phrase that portrays the importance of these bodies of vision, whose brightness and vivacity printed beauty to the face. However, are as delicate as vital because thin and sensitive skin around them, that’s where the first signs of age and that deserves special attention.

The delicate skin around the eyes

In general, the approach to the mirror can cause concern if it shows periorbital wrinkles, dark or pockets in the skin around the eyes. The stressful lifestyle that leads to little sleep, poor diet, lower water consumption, excessive abuse of unprotected sunlight, little time for proper skin cleansing and moodiness, definitely do not help.

Additional, the dermis (deep layer) of the skin around the eyes is very thin and vulnerable to damage, with a thickness of 0.3 mm compared to the rest of the facial skin that exceeds 1 or 2 mm. Dr. Susana Misticone, dermatologist, says the most frequent alterations:

Wrinkles around the eyes or “crow’s feet”: these details are so annoying because the movements and gestures we make with the skin in this area. Usually begin around 30 years and has initially when gesturing or just grin and over time are constantly.

Bags: are some bumps on the bottom or top of the eyelids. May consist of excess fat and fluid retention in this area and when it does get worse with fatigue. They can also be formed by excess skin in that area, something that happens with the passing of the years.

Dark circles: is a very common problem. Consists sunken or dark areas around the eyes that occur because there is little fat and blood vessels as much, that makes the skin look bluish purple or something. They are very common in people with allergies or poor sleep.

Solar lentigines: dark spots and are rounded out by sun exposure, not only in the eye area but in the rest of the face and back of hands.

Xanthelasmas: are benign smooth yellowish appearing around the eyes by cholesterol deposits.

Syringoma: rounded benign tumors of the same color of the skin, appearing as small balls around the eyelid. The sweat glands produce.

Any age is good to prevent

According to the clinical experience of Dr. Naomi Ramos, patients often come to the consultation expressed concern over the details that have appeared in the area around the eyes. There is a reality and that this skin is subjected to daily aggressions, including: environment, pollution, sunlight, and over the years that bring the consequent thinning of the skin and decreased collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The muscle activity that increases if people are very expressive also produces the thin lines that result in periorbital wrinkles.

How to prevent them?

Ramos recommends starting from adolescence to acquire adequate hygiene dermolimpiadores waged with the skin of impurities and protect the lipid coat. Knowing how facial area suitable products without attacking, and keep a routine before bed. It is also necessary to instill early on healthy lifestyles with a balanced diet, physical activity, good sleep habits, and essential, daily use of sunscreen (even in the home or office) to prevent skin lesions.

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