Makeup Tips for a perfect mouth

With a few simple tricks and easy to follow well get a mouth made up, maintained and favored … in short, perfect:

Makeup Tips

  • Gently rub lips with a dry toothbrush. By activating the circulation and remove dead cells of the skin texture are greatly improved.
  • To make teeth appear whiter you should avoid or warm muted colors.
  • An easy trick, if you like to make your lips look thicker, is to apply a touch of concealer or in the center of the mouth and makeup.
  • If your lips have a sad expression clears the way “down” from the corner with makeup or concealer and then outlines the lifting lip commissure and upper lip, without reaching the final.
  • Rounded lips are very attractive: accentuates her curves filling them with color across the surface and the center uses a clear and bright tone.

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