Know your face and choose a look

It’s not just what’s in fashion but what looks good on everyone.

Ernesto Torres, stylist and owner of the salon of the same name, spoke with Engravings on the type of cut should be chosen, taking into account the visagism technique that studies the faces and necks to find the kind of hairstyle or cut that favors each woman, correcting the shape and volume of the face.

Know your face and choose a look

Every head is a world!

Although standards exist, according to the shape of the face propose a cutting type, Torres states that each face is different, so that a good specialist will be able to detect what emphasized or not the face and under so start working.

Important is that even when the expert advised the look you should look, you also know what it will look better. To do this, you must first know the types of profile and identify his.

Thus, the faces are classified as: round, square, oblong, pear-shaped, diamond-shaped and oval.

Torres notes that the oval “are perfect for any type of court do well”. In this sense, is the benchmark for others, so that, in non-oval faces, stylists seek, with the help of hair, imitating the shape of this profile.

Long and skinny: The person should avoid using long face long hair and even, as this will make you look even thinner. Instead, this figure will go well it cuts the face cleared.

To do this, hairstyles and cuts should go back very staggered, and hair must be separated from the root in order to make it look the face. If it does the opposite and uses hair stuck to her face, you run the risk of being even emaciated.

Short round chin and face length: A round faces are not going well or hairstyles cuts back. What to do in these cases is to work desgrafilados cuts them near his face. One thing to consider is the length of the neck, as if to avoid long hair short. Ideally, use a medium hair (shoulder down), that approximates the face.

Forehead and wide jaw: For the recommended square face cuts are ahead. The curls will favor since softened factions, like the styles of smooth curves. What not to use anyone with this type of face is short hair, then accentuate the harshness of his features.

Forehead and chin shaped tip: These features match the diamond-shaped faces. In these cases the stylists work based on the top of the eyes, or nose upward, seeking to give the impression of more hair stuck in this area. Chin or chin down hair should be separated.

Narrow forehead and wide jaw: The pear shaped face should look to separate the hair root at the top and stick it on the floor. Thus, specialists seek hide and pretend cheeks wider upper face.

On the necks

  • An elegant feature that can be turned against the possessor’s long neck. Cortes said that in such cases to avoid short hair, because the diameter of the head will be very small.
  • For people robust, the specialist does not hesitate to recommend cuts that enhance manes (hair from shoulders down).
  • People tend to be petite short neck, so that if they use hair or medium hair, usually seen very small. Ideally prefer short hair, clearing the shoulders, to give the appearance that they are away from the neck. They can be short symmetrical to chin.
  • If the person has to be short and round face, the best thing according to its appearance are symmetric cut to chin and desgrafilados forward, intending to refine their characteristics.

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