How Balsam Tsenain lips in your home?

The lips of the hallmarks of a woman’s beauty and elegance, and are considered natural lips care is given by the good looks, youth, size and fill Bal husah.

How Balsam Tsenain lips

Valchweh kind, sensual, shiny and soft nicely should be an advantage every woman take care of herself, but your skin lips very thin and many demands, therefore requires special care, but tools and how to care for aesthetic usual may not be enough to get great results, so you recipe great we propose you to make lip balm in a very easy way.

Lip Balm industry of beeswax will need:

  • Half a teaspoon of beeswax.
  • Half a teaspoon of cocoa butter.
  • Tablespoons of tea oil (almond oil or grape seed, for example).
  • Food flavors.
  • Empty Old content for lipstick.

National dissolving all the necessary components using a hot water bath, then add some of the coloring agents and aromatizer.

If soothes made overly soft or vice versa, you can reduce or increase the amount of oil, NATIONAL then pouring the mixture into empty containing lipstick and Lip Balm will be ready for use.

This will balm made from beeswax to make your lips supple, soft and very beautiful, plus it is easy to manufacture.

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