Homeopathy … Drops of life

Siliceus, Stramonium, Arsenicum … Latin name these substances are a brief sample of the wide range of “ingredients” of homeopathy. The basic premise of this science is that man is an integrated whole that acts in relation to the universe around him. Suggests that the way to cure an ailment is strengthening the health of the person concerned.

“It is a discipline that refuses to tear the man. For more than 200 years homeopathic medicine deploys your questions to the scientific world, and since then its passionate debates have not finished with this vocation,” writes Dr. Roland Sanames, author Body language book and homeopathy.


Dr. Hugo Salas, defined as a science based on recognizing the innate ability of the body to maintain balance, healthy, thanks to the life force that regulates its functions and reacts to external aggressions.

“The homeopathic medicine, explains Chambers involved in this effort-natural body, stimulating the defensive reactions of the immune system and nervous regulation. Acts on behalf of the body, not against the actual symptoms, ordering and accelerating the healing process; its action is never limited to a single organ, as it rather leads to a reorganization of the whole individual therapy. ”

Lineage. Discovered in the late eighteenth century, thanks to the observations and experiments of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843), homeopathy has a little more than 200 years of history, although it had been known to the ancient Greeks. From his essays, this doctor passionate about chemistry and botany, proposed two laws of similarity and the infinitesimalidad.

Both propose that any substance capable of causing disease symptoms in a healthy person can, in infinitesimal doses, treat those same symptoms in a sick person. “In high doses, for example, ipecac causes nausea and vomiting, whereas in infinitesimal doses, cure nausea and vomiting,” says Dr. Peter Chappell in his book.

The emotional trauma and its treatment with homeopathy. Applying these principles, homeopathy uses organic substances, mineral and vegetable to stimulate the body’s immune defenses. Thus, the body can mobilize their own defenses, and regain your balance.

Dr. Salas stresses that exist within homeopathy different medical schools that lead to several modes of limitation. A Unicist called, it uses the principle of single remedy, which should correspond to the main part of the symptoms observed in the patient, the drug will treat the background of the disease.

Will be prescribed once and the patient does not change until the effect not cease. Another school is pluralistic, which prescribes various remedies in divided doses throughout the day, with the idea of covering the set of symptoms of ill remedies vary based on the evolution of the symptoms themselves.

A third school is the Complejista, which is characterized by using composite formulas in which all indicated remedies are complementary, and treated while the disease and its root.

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