Fresh Bloom And Clinique High Impact Mascara

Fresh Bloom And Clinique High Impact Mascara

The truth is that except for cream shadows and some other eyeliner I’ve never paid attention to the color of Clinique although I have to say that years ago drew things not as nice as the one I’ll show you today.

I’m a big fan of the lighting in all formats because in addition to providing good skin tone and waking have many uses, such as blush, to illuminate dark areas of the skin, giving prominence to the clavicles, chest…

And it’s a product of what I call “quick” point and apply it, not have to be an expert in the field and always looks good. (Or almost always …)

Let’s see what it is…

Here are the four tones of Fresh Bloom, the illuminator / powder blush I told you about. They are all so beautiful I could have chosen any other tone but maybe the 03 (line below, the drcha., Which I teach) is more suitable for my skin type as it is not so dark and I can also scale the intensity, which with the other darker shades is more complicated.

Fresh Bloom And Clinique High Impact Mascara

In the line below have natural light tone (right) and interior light (left).

I tried the tone to be as accurate as possible in the picture as it is in the product but my camera sometimes want to put the colors that you see fit and as you see, is beautiful.

If I’m in a hurry I do is grab a brush and blend the tones, if I have time I apply the darker color to highlight the cheekbone and apply the lighter a little above and looks fantastic.

On the other hand wanted to try this mascara because I had heard very good reviews about it, it’s High Impact mascara, once tested I have to say no big deal.

I mean, I like the brush, leaves no clumps, very black tone contributes to the tab but does not give an excessive volume and me in particular, separates me too.

Overall I can not say it’s a bad mask just not what I expected but if you have any doubt about it, I encourage you to try it first on the stand and then decide.

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