Bridal makeup for 2011

Fashions change and always go though a bride dressed in white, the fact is that trends in bridal makeup change every season. Yes, the naturalness is a factor that must always be in a girlfriend.

Bridal makeup

To begin, it is essential to consider if the wedding is day or night.

In both cases, we must choose the eye shadow and the base that best suits our skin and our way, but with some variations depending on the time of day that we’re going to give the “I do”.

For weddings that take place during the afternoon and evening, the best are the shadows with smoky effect, since the nocturnal allows us to risk with darker colors.

The latest in bridal makeup is the wet effect, which gives brides look much cooler and allows makeup combined with long-term to avoid having to be happening again and again touches for a special day.

The eyelashes often are overlooked, when in fact a lot of people say and can be the center stage of the female gaze. Lengthen and make gain in volume is important for women who want to further encourage his gaze. Also, if you have long eyelashes, also often desirable highlight them with a bit of mascara, and if you dare, you can jump to use false eyelashes, radically changing your expression and surprising everyone.

Indeed, it is very important to ensure that the mask takes effect lashes waterproof, waterproof, in case you miss a crybaby while you are at the altar…

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