Black Tango With It Seduce New Mufe

Black Tango With It Seduce New Mufe

Do not tell me that the image of this collection is absolutely beautiful.Very feminine and sensual with that eye as mysterious and alluring as those lips, who said he could not emphasize the two main points of the face?

This collection, called Black Tango, the dance is inspired as passionate as the Argentine tango, a dance that Dany Sainz, founder of the firm, curiously, is given quite well, who would tell.

Want to know the products that compose?

I think this palette is the queen of the collection, Aqua Cream 4 shades of vivid and intense colors, red, green, blue and ivory and promise only lasts as the Aqua Cream are able to promise.

Black Tango With It Seduce New Mufe

The palette has a price of about 40 €.

A new tone is added to the collection Aqua Rouge, a range of lipsticks ultra waterproof and durable. 2 apps in 1:

Lipstick pure color and provides a durable and transparent tone that brings a vinyl effect and color protection. As a curiosity, this lipstick was designed by makeup artist Madonna, which he used during his last tour.

Tone: 11 dark raspberry.

It has a price of about 26 €.

Although I have said that the palette was the queen of this collection, to me what I liked most is these nail polishes. The colors of the three, without exception, are spectacular, right?

They have a price of about 14 €.

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