The harmony of color and look

The harmony of color and look

The make-up is an artifice that we sublime, with which it is fun. That is why our desires makeup issue is paramount. However, it is worth remembering that certain colors reveal our beauty more than others. Porcelain complexion or spices, here are the trends to follow.

Makeup fair complexions
Like Laetitia Casta you the complexion clear, blond hair and blue eyes? Good news, the nude is always in season. Therefore focus on this trend for your complexion. Forget the textures too opaque and rather unify your complexion with light products and fluids. Choose a pearly powder pigments which will capture and reflect the light: the healthy glow is guaranteed! Stay in the natural colors, but hot: apricot and peach are your basic colors.

Whether you’re blonde or redhead with translucent skin, your skin plays better transparency to enhance your look.

The harmony of color and look

Fancy a look sophisticated? Map glamor shoot using three colors – brown, blue, gray – (in the same colors) for your eyes. Start by applying the intermediate color on the inner corner of the eye, on the eyelid. Stretch the color over the entire length of the eyelid.

Then, place the darkest shadow on the outer corner of the eye and blend until a halo cast. Finish with the lightest color on the brow bone, just to enlarge the eyes and give brightness. And we hardly need to say, but the final touch is the mascara that will be according to your choice curving, lengthening or volumizing.

With a look as exciting, the mouth, she forgets and loses again in the delicate nude. With this make-up or opt for the gloss or lipstick for, but not both. Here are the eyes that are in the spotlight, the mouth is bright but not imposing. Beige is the honor!

Makeup dyed spices
You are brown, brown eyes, complexion like the bubbly hot Eva Longoria? Lucky you have more than one color to your vanity! A review.

This is to highlight and emphasize your side “healthy glow” playing on the warm colors. Apply a liquid foundation apricot and emphasize the cheekbones with powdered ocher, golden light that will bring.

Side view, blue, and green, gray … almost all the colors available to you. Dark colors befitting delight you and smokey-eye is a must for brown eyes who want to play the card of mystery. Remember, if you opt for a dark look and intense, always look enluminez filing a lighter shadow on the brow bone. By contrast (light color on the brow and dark color of your eyes), the gradient will intensify your look.

Regarding the lips, if brown can all afford (pink transparent red incendiary), should be given to his lips his eyes with a motto: “starter or dessert.” To avoid overloading your make-up you will focus on either eyes or lips. If you’re more touch of mascara to the eye, pull the big game to your mouth red icons inspired Hollywood glamor of the 60’s is still relevant.

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