Nine myths about hair

These are expressions that have been heard all life: do not wash your hair too because it goes down, if you want to become stronger corteselo, brush 100 times … Like these there are many other statements. But much of the most widespread are of no scientific backing. Based on the play the world of hair (Thomson Learning, 2004), the englishman John Gray, a specialist in hair problems and medical advisor to Procter & Gamble, nine of which are reviewed:

Start a gray makes out seven

There is nothing to justify this assertion. The appearance of gray hair is one of the manifestations of aging of the body. Being a natural and gradual process, without turning back, it is logical to increase progressively gray hair, regardless of whether or not you strip. Also, remember that each hair follicle produces strand independently to having around.

If you cut grows stronger and faster

Both factors depend on the genetic and can not be changed. The base of the hair, the area closest to the hair is thicker but tapering towards the tips coming. Hence the sensation, when it begins to dawn on the scalp, which is thicker, but the reality is that it develops the same way and with the same strength or weakness as before.

Nine myths about hair

Must change the hair shampoo does not get used

If you find your favorite products are no longer effective, may be due to the following causes: remains of creams applied in excess, there is a change in temperature and humidity or a change of hairstyle. It is also important to make sure you are using quality products: if you use one that cleans without irritating the scalp and leaves hair manageable, still work, while not altering their formulation.

100 times a day brushing ensures luster

Brushing excessive hair loss accelerates in the final phase of growth, scalp irritation, resulting in fat and split ends. Bastan several smoothed, holding the locks to stop hauling root, and starting from the middle to the ends.

If you wash too falls more

Not true. What happens is that, by the action of water and the friction of the fingers, hair emerge already about to fall and that would have been released anyway. Most experts agree that there is a correct program or only on when to wash your hair. That will depend on its structure, cutting style and lifestyle of each person (for example, how often you go to the gym, climate, food, etc..).

Therefore, the use of shampoo and conditioner suitable for capillary structure is key to ensure that the receiving hair care needs, regardless of the frequency of washes.

Split ends can be repaired without cutting

Excessive exposure to the sun, the continued use of dryers, irons, dyes, and a bad brush, are causes that can cause this problem, because the hair loses elasticity, moisture and dries both ends to open. So, the only thing that ends split ends is a good cut.

Not to detangle when wet

Wet hair is highly vulnerable to damage: water penetrates inside each strand, which swells and becomes entangled with the other. Then, the hair must be combed, otherwise matted dries. But you must use a wide tooth comb, previously applying a serum or cream that facilitates straightening.

Curly hair does not grow

This type of hair in its natural state tends to shrink, which prevents its length it look real, but that does not stop their growth.

The dye actually puts more gruesoEn, the dyeing process is not technically thickens hair fibers, but can make them rough, creating the look and feel of a hair more body and volume.

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