Miss France 2008: a good head under the crown

Miss France

A 22-year-old Valerie Begue has been elected Miss France 2008. Miss this Meeting, the new role she will be happy to endorse the opportunity to highlight the causes that are dear to him as the fight against breast cancer and cystic fibrosis. All of this new halo coronation, she tells us his first impressions.

Doctissimo: What made you want to participate in the Miss France?

Valerie Begue: Miss France Become never been a dream girl. In fact, I met Miss Reunion, 2nd runner up in 2006, the beginning of the year.

She told me all the beautiful things she had experienced and I thought why not me. I embarked on the adventure and voila!

Doctissimo: What did you think of the Miss France before participating?

Valerie Begue: I watched every year because it is a little big show of the year but I do not really adherais concept. I had the image of a little Miss “vases” and I do not fit. But today, the election was modernized, much younger!

Doctissimo: How did you feel about the election?

Valerie Begue: It was great! We first had three weeks of rehearsal, we went to the Dominican Republic. During the evening, I gave the best of myself to put on a good show. I loved scroll, dance … I really had a great evening and I was elected more!

Doctissimo: What is this title for you?

Valerie Begue: For me, as an opportunity to raise the profile of my island, discover its beauty and richness. I will also be able to honor the France abroad and especially power through this awareness, to fight for certain causes like breast cancer and the fight against cystic fibrosis.

Doctissimo: Actually you animated, Reunion, a column about breast cancer. You can tell us more?

Miss France

Valerie Begue: It was a daily chronicle of passing minute of the show Mrs. RFO Health. I began by pausing a question about breast cancer, for example the importance of mammography, there was a vox pop to see the knowledge of people in the street and then had the answer to a specialist. It was an informative, but it is very important. We must change the way women on mammography.

They must understand that mammography can save them.

“Patrick Bruel love my humility”

Doctissimo: To return to the election, do you think what made the difference?

Valerie Begue: I do not know, there should be a survey of members of the jury and the public voted. Since I was often told that my natural and my simplicity had much more. And after the show, Patrick Bruel came to greet me and told me he liked my humility.

Doctissimo: You have set before mixing. According to you, this advantage could he win?

Valerie Begue: I do not know, but I hope so because I am very proud of this mix. Reunion is a land of mixed cultures and I draw my strength from my island for me embodies diversity and tolerance. At the meeting, it is a very high value, which exists and is still valid. I’d really like to convey these values in France.

“France is not sufficiently tolerant”

Doctissimo: Why? In France you are not tolerant?

Valerie Begue: Exactly! France is tolerant enough, it is clear that there are many problems here. I do not know how to change things. But I’m fine view over the meetings and opportunities.

I would love to actions, we’ll see …

Doctissimo: What has changed in your life since Saturday?

Miss France

Valerie Begue: My life has changed completely. All my marks are different. Already, I left my island, my family. But everything is so amazing, I’m really happy. Fortunately, I am surrounded by a great team, it’s kind of my new family.

Doctissimo: Have an idea of what awaits you in this year? What are the things that scare you?

Valerie Begue: I take everything with a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to it. There is nothing that makes me fear I have no fear. I am surrounded by a friendly staff and dynamic.

Everything will be okay. And most importantly, I do not want to pause too many questions because I might miss many things. This is a wonderful opportunity and I intend to live it all fully.

Doctissimo: You now embody beauty. What are your beauty gestures in everyday life?

Valerie Begue: Nothing in particular. I mostly a very healthy life. It is true that the sun, I greatly hydrate my skin and I protect with sunscreen. Otherwise I drink lots of water and especially

I completely removes makeup every night!

“I have a wonderful life”

Doctissimo: Ancient Miss become actresses or TV presenters. Are there things that you are trying to post-Miss France?

Do you have old models Miss?

Valerie Begue: I do not think at all. For the moment, I think at the present time, a little tomorrow, but at all after. I’ll see based on meetings. I do not really model among old Miss, even though I like for its natural Sonia Rolland, Sophie Thalmann for his audacity and Alexandra Rosenfeld for her bubbly.

Doctissimo: It’s almost the new year. What are your resolutions?

Valerie Begue: The new year is already too far, I think at the present time. But I’ll make sure to make the most of this new year. My great principle in life: no regrets!

Doctissimo: And what can you wish for?

Valerie Begue: Nothing, I already had everything! We can not wish me special because I have a wonderful life. I could say to be happy, but I am already very happy in my life!

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