Make Tint At Home And Follow The Straight Hair


Making the color alone? It’s worth it: it’s cheap, fast and easy. Yet many hairdressers are against this practice, perhaps because without the tint housewife would have some additional sales, but also because very often happen to have to fix some post disaster tint DIY.

Avoid the “errors of color” is much easier if you try to follow the useful tips dispensed to the hairdresser: discover just how to get a perfect color.

Attentive to the lengths

The hairdresser said that after the first color is better not to keep the color through the hair all the time of installation.

The lengths, in fact, need less color than the roots and are likely to dry out. When you apply the color mixture on the roots and lengths to reserve only the last 10 minutes.


Choose Products Giusti

Another typical error of those who do the color in your home is to use the wrong products and too aggressive that they fade the color.

Always use special products for colored hair, delicate and rich nourishing agents for hair color. The color will last longer and will always be bright.

Do not lie to the Hairdresser

Do you want to give a session at the hairdresser? Do not lie on treatments that you have reserved in the past for your hair. Always specify whether and when to have them colored, if you made the permanent or straightening treatments.

In this way, the hair stylist can do the best and not to undermine the already processed hair. Remember, unless you have not cut their hair short, even a color that counts as a year ago is still present – even if he is not seen. The same applies to the semi-permanent dye .

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