How to paint pale eyes

As we know for a used makeup techniques and tricks that help every woman to achieve the greatest benefit of his features, his mouth, cheeks, neck, color, nose and in the case that it is up to the eyes.

Since many men in the first fixing the eyes are near the mouth, move and communicate at times much more than words. Improving makeup result of which good results will delight all.

Colored eyes such that the green, blue and even lilac, makeup can essentially looking for two results, stand on the color of the eyelashes or iris color highlight and radiate outward to make them look even more clear.


Regulations people with light eyes, her skin is usually clear and delicate predominantly light-haired people.

The shadows get used to the maximum matching iris or looking for a dark and penetrating tone, as the black for the night highlights and contrasts with the lighter shade of eye.

When this is a lighter shade, treat the eye as a thickness that is, to enhance the makeup look from the center of the eyelid to above the bone of the eye so that it looks more and with the same eye shadow will be refined out the tabs area insisting lower end portions, keeping a symmetry between the two eyes.

On the lid, toward the nose, you can use a tone down from is elected and after this operation, and apply a mascara. This can be chosen in black or brown, depending on the color of the hair and eyebrows or the color of the iris, it can be applied to Zigzag mode throughout its length.

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