How to mimic the look of Brad Pitt

Perfect hair. ‘s got a hair abundant and flexible allowing you to experience countless numbers of the most diverse styles. Long and blond streaks, almost platinum and with a long forelock, brown and matted.

Well when you go tell your hairdresser you apply a color that goes from brown to dark blonde with the tone of the sun, and then ask them to see that this tune with your face. But if square and harmonic traits either style of Brad Pitt you get it right. If your face is round or too broad should avoid long hair and opt for short hair on the sides and longer and tousled on top.

Face care. This helps us in our features pretty nice guy, since the fact is that Brad Pitt always has beautiful skin. As it gives the image of being a metro sexual unconditional creams, but it is incontestable that cares. Since they can not deny its 47 years.

Already have nothing to watch because you do not remove the male you have in hand makes you feel more beautiful and beautiful, so be ready to use almost always some cream to revitalize the face making you physiognomic deep cleaning occasionally. Where your choice and be more to your liking. Their casual style. The father of six children almost never neglects his countenance, which does not mean that this handsome father always looked like I had to walk the red carpet palmetto.

How to mimic the look of Brad Pitt

Since your normal style is always the most careful, but also Blatant.

A sort of ‘hippie chic’ that trend. But if you want to be in keeping with his position or imitate, you have it easy: jeans, casual American, something simple tight shirts and loose cotton shirts. These are one of the few comfortable clothes to go daily. Grasping game with a gray coat to mid-thigh, and always with a hat in the winter months and which give the look of Pitt.

Reminiscences of tough guy. ‘s very easy to see this star through the streets on bicycles, but sometimes does not resist and mounted atop his beautiful Harley Davidson. On these occasions, tousled hair with wax and leaves without a helmet (of course), the aviator style sunglasses, boots under jeans and black leather jacket. And although the American actor is not a fan of wearing jewelry, perhaps in these times you see him wear a simple rubber necklace with steel applied.

Fixed, but casual. If you always handsome but not to attend a wedding, Join the style of Brad Pitt . Ponte costumes often relegating tie and belt. Below, to subtract formality of dress, stand collar shirts Mao without locking up top, or woven shirts bearing two buttons fall loose, in order to get a look ‘cool’, put on a black dress with black shirt and no tie. Or a suit with shirt and tie, but loosening it and releasing the last button neck.

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