How To Match The Colored Tights? 3 Tips Must Do

3 Tips Must Do

Who says you have to give the skirt of autumn? This season is perfect to wear skirts a bit ‘heavier and match them with tights of all kinds to keep your legs warm.

I love the tights! A pair of bright tights are able to give an extra touch to your look, making the legs absolute protagonists. But how to match colored tights? Here are 3 tips on how to wear tights “high definition” with style.

Start with Calm

You’ve never worn a pair of brightly colored tights? Then it is not the case to put the pantyhose red and then feel uncomfortable all the time.

Start with dark colors, like dark blue or deep green, and then get to colors such as brown, light green, blue … And then dare more and more!

3 Tips Must Do

The color? Only In Tights

The ideal is to create a matching basis, with dark colors or neutrals, where will the pantyhose to give a touch of color. This allows you to choose the color of tights that you need without having to think about the combinations of colors!

An example? Little black dress to the knees and black shoes with pink tights. Then you can add an accessory to the color of tights, as the bag or headband for the hair.

Play with colors

To visually lengthen your legs you can wear a skirt of the same color tights as in the image, or wearing a pair of shoes in the same shade of tights. These tricks make you look taller and slender!

Remember though that the tone should be almost the same or at least very similar, otherwise you risk sabotaging the effect you’d like to get.

The last tip helpful? Select tights thick and opaque, so that not showing through the skin below. So better protect your legs are more beautiful to look at and you can put the days before waxing when you are not shaved.

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