Fashion casual. Urban Style

Within the casual find various trends. Today we see new volumes in jackets, anoracs, fur vests and embroidered plumas.Tambien find.

Simple shapes with wide sleeves are all the rage. The key colors are white and black. The trendiest handbags and boots are sheepskin hair using again, we find very avant-garde designs of various designers using this urban look.

How you can dress casual style for the weekend?

Very easy! We found many possible combinations. Then I discussed three styles which will be groundbreaking.

Jeans with boots over trousers, preferably flat cane very petite or high. Jersey XXL wool beret ideal if you carry outfitted! As you can use a coat of fur.

Dark jeans, XXL shirt with a sweater over, black hat and dancers. Very comfortable!

Dark jeans, shirt draped, vest and scarf or thin scarf. You can use a maxi-bag is very convenient.


Other additions to denote this style are:

  • Boots silver cane high or too low.
  • Boots and jackets material “raincoat” very fashionable.
  • Maxi-bags.
  • Pendants and small brooches worn as clothing details.
  • Wool Berets and other materials.
  • Gloves.
  • Hats.
  • Sweaters sailors (with horizontal lines).

How you can dress casual style for work?

Everything depends on the environment in which we work. Normally casual style to adapt to the work we can exchange the shirt for a cotton shirt, black pants or dark jeans too dark for the jacket or blazer for a sweater XXL.

We can also adapt this style adding scarves, handkerchiefs or additions to our wardrobe.

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