Clothing tips for gorditas

Women also have his own gorditas and not to feel bad because the clothes are made for different tastes and colors sizes are equal only to be unknowingly combine. The key to any woman choose clothes chubby is thinking about the combinations you can achieve with their clothes.

Then a number of tips to keep in mind when choosing the clothes: no matter what type of clothing is but the color and cut. Are not recommended because they accentuate light colors instead of black and gray are used to disguise, so you have to choose if you are looking dark trousers hide a bulky tail, or blouses that are not brightly colored if you hide the bust.

Clothing tips

Nor is it a good idea to wear tops with horizontal stripes because they tend to give more volume to the figure. The ideal is to have vertical stripes make you look thinner. Another type of blouse is adding volume brings giant prints. With respect to the pants is better than they are wide choice of light fabrics and not tight or too loose.

Finally it is important to consider the choice of dresses. Are preferred for dark fabrics, which are long because stylized figure and falls having asymmetric. The texture is also a factor to consider: the cotton lycra will be very tight, so we have to choose other fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin, etc.

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