An Enviable Makeup

The season invites you to achieve perfect skin makeup and skin look healthy and radiant. It launched a foundation collection containing mineralized water to achieve significant levels of skin hydration, this collection called NUDE (Dior), achieves perfect finish makeup without the appearance of saturated look.

The first step to achieve this finish is very well hydrated skin, then use a fluid foundation considering that the color is right, paying attention to the following rules:


  • Use a color similar to your skin.
  • The pigment should be opposite to that of the skin, if a base is used pink beige or honey and vice versa.
  • Sella with a little face powder of the same color to avoid altering the end of your makeup.

In this season the players and the eyes are ‘smoke eyes’ is imposed as the king of the stains in the service of all women regardless of whether it is day or night. To achieve color dior uses 5 colors 173 with lilacs, roses and violets that set the trend for the season, 094 creamy pencil liner dior waterproof for a better finish and dior 094 styliner leaving a more feminine look.

Lips are the most romantic of the face and this time we give priority to caring for them going into the background color and the eyes are made up with strong tones. Apply a tone Serum De Rouge 730: serum preserving youth and keeps lips hydrated, then gently with a pencil outline Dior Contour 433 with silicone that keeps the makeup all day.

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