Waxing bikini line, methods to choose from

Waxing bikini line

The bikini test is always a difficult time and it becomes even more when it comes to shaving the groin.

Although painful and not exactly pleasant, is a vital step to be smooth and perfect for the costume, and especially to the beach.

Waxing is definitely the most popular and by far the most effective, although at first may prove painful. With this technique, the hair bulb is torn along the hair, leaving skin smooth for about 3 weeks. Moreover, the new hair will grow back softer and thinner, and will be easier to remove in subsequent depilation.

The depilatory cream is totally painless and allows a very precise hair removal. We recommend this method only if you want a simple hair removal, but if you want to proceed to a very sgambata hair removal method avoids this, because it contains chemicals that can irritate the skin or mucous membranes.

The shaver is definitely the quickest and painless way to remove unwanted hair, but with this method the hair is only cut, not torn along with the bulb as it happens with the hair, then grow back rather quickly.

Our advice: If you choose to use a razor, a precaution always shaved in the shower and lathered well only after the party, to avoid slit. Dry shaving is highly recommended.

Waxing bikini line

The classic bikini
From the technical point of view it is the hair removal easier, since they are torn only the hairs sticking out of the panty. Not Sgambati, groin classic is the bare minimum in terms of intimate hair removal.

The groin American
This is a very sgambata hair removal, with which are depilated also the labia majora. Once completed, the crotch is just a rectangular strip of hair. It’s not the type of hair removal as painless, but the result will make you easily forget the bad times.

The groin to the Brazilian
Proceed as for the groin American, but in the end instead of a strip of hair is a triangle.

The groin custom
The new fashion of the moment is to customize your hair in the groin by drawing what you want: a heart, a flower etc. Once again it is a waxing room, but you can leave room for imagination and creativity.

The full waxing
As the name implies, this is a total hair removal. A bit ‘painful and some are not very aesthetic, full hair removal is much less widespread in Brazil.

Some precautions

  • To avoid the appearance of hair under the skin, do a regular scrub groin.
  • Hydrate well the affected area.
  • If you can, disinfects the groin prior to waxing, to avert the possible rare infection.
  • After shaving apply a soothing cream.

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