Victoria Beckham New Hairstyle


Snip, snap, hair off! Victoria Beckham (37) has dared to and separated from her long mane – as evidence she posted on Twitter a photo directly from the hair salon, where her hair cut can be seen lying on the floor. Very handsome … well.

Your hairdresser, Ken Paves Star Figaro commented Victoria Beckham’s Twitter photo and noted that there is actually quite a few hair on the floor – “Posh” is not afraid just before, her look from time to completely change.

Why should that be? Come even ran before new extensions, if Victoria is back to long hair. Whether it is under the cut hair and a streak or another extension? It was not until 2010, she began to grow her mane. Previously, the designer provided with shorter hair again and again for the same scenes in hair salons around the globe:

Women pulled out a photo of Victoria and asked the hairdresser about them just to miss this haircut. Whether their new, very natural-looking hairstyle will also provide a Posh-hype in the salons of the world? Here is the photo to see hairy.

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