Summer Makeup Look

Summer Makeup

Summer is the season’s quintessential pop of color, and when you dare to take with no test tones in winter: acid colors, bold lips, eyelashes that come in colors of brown and black classic … Discover what are the keys summer makeup, and put them up before it’s finished!
There is a common point in the makeup of all seasons: a perfectly smooth skin, juicy and without glare.

But it is true that during the summer’ D rather go out with your face washed, as the golden hue of the sun and the heat take away the urge to go for a very elaborate makeup or heavy leather. Illuminating products in key areas and sun powders are your best allies, and if you want and you can afford it, you can banish the foundations until it passes the heat, although there are many natural and so light that melt on the surface of the face like a second skin.

Keep up the eyes: exploiting the summer to bet on the most cheerful and vivid colors: green, yellow, turquoise, electric blue shadow … Both for s, and for the eyeliner and even mascara. And if you want your eye makeup remains intact no matter what you do you bathe or forty degrees in the shade choose waterproof products.

On the lips, freedom is total coral tones is one of the stars of this season, but also carried the Reds (who never fail), the roses throughout its range, especially fuchsia and bubblegum pink tones.

Choose between bar and gloss, and matte or glossy finish between: in general for summer crave more gloss and gloss with wet effect, much lighter than classic lipsticks.

We ended up with nails; play with the colors of the rainbow to get a look fun and summery. This year is the latest decorating nails and paint in different colors. Do you dare?

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