Natural dyes and home for your hair


Dye our hair naturally helps us keep our hair healthy as well as always healthy and without causing damage as industrial dyes have many chemicals and our hair is not always pretty with chemical dyes, which is why we offer beauty tips help you dye your hair or give them as a natural reflex ingredients you can find in your own home.

One of the combatants more natural highlight nutshells are the same we can make a tea and then apply it on our hair, and so our hair will look darker and can also help us to cover gray hair, one of the dyes natural that we find in our home is tea, it helps us to dye our hair to cover gray and give a fairer reflection.

We can prepare tea in a one liter container with three tea bags, in case you want blonde highlights can use chamomile tea, and so then we apply on our hair infusion.

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