Makeup tips: how to use brushes and brushes

Makeup tips

Makeup is surely one of the most important beauty tips women having the same not only helps us to look more beautiful but also we are always in fashion, there are many techniques such as makeup makeup tips for eyes, our lips and to correct dark circles, this time we will teach you how to use brushes and makeup brushes.

It is important to know that the brushes are used to apply foundation on your skin, smaller brushes to make up our eyes and our lips, some women prefer to apply lipstick with a brush, as this provides better if they did with sores, also the eye makeup brushes are varied.

There are generally a very fine brush which replaces the pencil eyeliner, also if we can apply a slightly thicker brush paint to eyelid and then evaporated to give an effect we can use a thicker brush, which will help implement more evenly makeup.

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