Lindsay Lohan’s hair is red again


Just recently, Lindsay Lohan was in shock look on the Street: bloated, the 25-year-old, worked the bangs fell into her face, the platinum-blond mane was optical a mature woman of her – really good looking Lindsay Lohan in recent days really from.

But not anymore – at least for now: Lilo wears his hair again namely Strawberry Blonde, so in a light strawberry blonde tone.

We do not know how, but also the unfavorable pony is no longer there though – if Lindsay had missed the new extensions? Or at the pony, it was a clever clip-on hair piece – who knows. With its bright red head Lindsay looks again at least from the way a young lady should look like at that age: pimped fresh and crisp, and rather stale.

The soft red flatters Lindsay’s face forever, what a surprise, after all, red Lilo’s natural hair color. And this fits nicely with her sweet freckles and sparkling eyes. This Figaro knows his craft. More like, Lindsay!

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