How to care our hair greasy

hair greasy

Our kind of hair is due not only to genetics but the kind of power we have, generally if we consume foods high in fat and protein and fewer vegetables, have a hair with a tendency to be oily because sebaceous glands secrete more gratitude because the type of food we have.

Some tips to protect your hair are as follows, first you must use a shampoo or soap cleaners that have neutral pH and thus are helping the hair to let it run excreting more gratitude, it is important to stop using some products to encourage oil glands to produce more fat in the roots of your hair, you can not use conditioners or moisturizers.

Finally you can help prevent the gratitude of your hair with a simple homemade recipe to care for your oily hair, put in a bowl two liters of warm water and add the juice of two lemons and then you rinse your hair with the same after washing, that help your hair look greasy and control this problem.

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