Hair removal wax Eastern


If you do not have time to go to the beautician, you’re tired of using a razor and want to try a new method, why not try the oriental depilation wax? It is the most widespread in Arab countries and is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

The technique
Basically it’s a wax, which, unlike those sold on the market is made with sugar, water, honey and lemon. Contrary to other methods of hair removal lasting as the pulsed light, the wax does not weaken the hair follicles east and does not prevent the regrowth of hair.

In contrast with this technique, the legs remain smooth for about three weeks and the skin, with honey and sugar is soft as silk.


Another great advantage is the fact of not having to use strips of cotton or paper to eliminate it. With the wax just create a ball that you work directly with your hands.

In practice
Being made from natural ingredients, this type of wax is easily done at home: just for a few minutes to boil two handfuls of sugar and half a glass of water. When the caramel takes on a golden color, add a few drops of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix well. Then plunge into cold water and the preparation, when you are warmed, work the mixture until a ball.

Apply a little talcum powder on his legs, to prevent the caramel from sticking to the skin, stretch and then the wax on the legs from the ankles to the knees. Ripping with a precise gesture and starts the operation very quickly, along the area to be depilated.


  • This method is quick and natural, and lasts 3 weeks.
  • The wax can be used on all the eastern parts of the body. It is recommended for women who have fragile capillaries, to moderate the temperature of the wax and the movements of “massage” with the ball.


  • The difficulty lies in getting the right consistency, it depends on how the ingredients were heated.
  • Just like other methods of hair removal with wax, this is quite painful.
  • The home-made wax adheres less well to the hair than hot wax. So you have to wait that long hair is at least 5mm.

To know
If you prefer to avoid the wax do-it-yourself, know that there are some on the market (one of the most popular brands is Nejma) and that is also found in some salons.

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