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2012 luxury perfumes: Prada Candy
Throughout history women have scented. Already our ancestors were rubbing the body of essences and flavorings. Ancient peoples have made great use, but in the late middle Ages, with the return of the Crusades, the perfume has really developed with the input of new oriental essences.

Today the fragrance is a seduction essential asset in the lives of women. Many fragrances refined, sensual and luxurious were designed by leading designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo or Marc Jacobs. Learn to choose your fragrance is not easy, so we have selected for you a selection of Perfume 2012 women who sure to become women of taste and that you will rock the heart of your men!

Prada Candy, seduction in a bottle
Prada Candy, the newest Prada Women is dedicated to the passionate, impulsive and excessive! It marks a break with the old brand fragrances and a touch excised Eastern! This is a harmonious blend of a base of benzoin, noble natural material, and an agreement that caramel brings a unique signature for this creation. Reveal the seductress in you!

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