What Cola Pencil? 7 Tips To Make It Last Long

7 Tips To Make It Last Long

The eyeliner is a cosmetic used to make up your eyes and make them intense and magnetic. It is a type of eyeliner widely used because it is easy to use, practical and extremely effective.

The great defect of the eye pencil? Cola and drools: in short, tends to be short-lived because the eye area is very wet. If you do not want to look like a panda a few hours after applying the pencil I suggest you take a cue from these tips to take your eye pencil for a long time.

Pencil For Eyes Long Life

1. Choose the Right Pencil

The choice of pencil for eyes greatly affects the final result. A pencil lead from very soft, in fact, tends to flow more easily and lasts considerably less.

So the first thing to do is make sure you buy a pencil from the mine harder, making sure even waterproof and long lasting. The tract is less creamy and soft, but the duration is extended considerably.

2. Put the pencil in the Fridge

Be sure to sharpen the pencil for good eyes, and then put it in the fridge. In this way the mine becomes more resistant and breaks less, also ensuring a superior life to the product.

7 Tips To Make It Last Long

3. Use eye shadow to Fix Pencil

Want to put a black pencil and have it take up? Put the pencil in the eye and then applicaci above a layer of black eyeshadow, blot gently with a fine brush.

This is a very useful and often overlooked trick that helps the pencil eye shadow last longer because the more fixed and does not leak.

Remember that if you wear contact lenses or your eyes are not sensitive, I suggest you put the eyeshadow on the inner rim of the eye to avoid disappointment.

4. Use Pencil Eyeliner to Fix

This is an interesting and practical tip: after you put the pencil to the eyes, passes the trick with a stroke of eyeliner with a felt tip. Guaranteed life.

5. Spice up Mina’s Pencil

Try this alternative strategy to last a long pencil: use a lighter to heat the pencil for a little over one second, let cool and then apply the pencil as usual. The benefits are twofold: suddenly more intense and longer black. Try it!

6. Use the Powder Do not Have to Strain the Pencil

Here is another useful trick to restrict the trimming of the pencil after you’ve made up with the pencil, apply some powder under the eye and sfumala carefully with a brush or your fingers. The powder acts as a barrier and helps to make the makeup last longer with a pencil for eyes.

7. Try the technique of Cotton Fioc

Finally, try to use the technique of Q-tips to increase the duration of matia: Before you apply the eye pencil goes through the end of a dry cotton swab, then caresses the wet end with internal rhyme. Proceed with the application of pencil work?

Despite this advice smeared pencil has the same and you can not fix because you’re away from home? The secret to quickly fix the mess, dab the deburring is anointed with a product (which may be a lip balm or cream to hands) and then remove it all with a towel or handkerchief.

Council to always held the pencil for eyes, ideal for touching up makeup cosmetic disaster.

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