Tips for gorditas, look


If we seem a coincidence that something is us humans almost always we are not satisfied with 100% of our body and any part of our body mortified and would like to change it.

The story that I have a texture somewhat short and plump, always try to diet but often remain dissatisfied with the treatments, which is why I left behind and opt to keep a stable weight and healthy way of feeding on which I heard in I am very happy day.

Now you can see that the universe revolves around the beautiful women fine and thin, You could say that the world revolves around women thinner, as it is considered that fat women are often happier than them and also often suffer complications such as transient when buying clothes.
Since it is very difficult to find clothes for the body that we used to have the gorditas.

If you are chubby and short, and do not acomplejas here we bring some segments of how to dress up and look regal. These tips are a few of which I use in my daily life which I put to you nice and beautiful friends can also put them into practice and feel great as I do.

Before you follow the steps presented below have to concentrate on some part of your body that stands above all others. Whether your beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile or something beautiful you know which is your best attribute. Since it is time to maximize the tips that we present.

First, the first option is to opt for dresses at least the height of the knee or below it as well as these we see a lot more fine plow which encircles the torso.

  • Let’s back and not see more skinny jeans or shovels as these do not help to us who are short and plump.
  • Tight clothing changes as these do not help you cover more roll, and get to wear shirts or blouses with flights accompanied by beautiful belts to help us make our waist.
  • Forget the circles or large graphics that appear at times in our clothes, and the obvious time to use the platform heels and wear bulky one that matches the appropriate clothing.

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