Have You Ever Thought About Rasarti Zero? Get Inspired By Celebrity Shaved

Celebrity Shaved

For a woman to shave her hair off is an important step and intense, never taken lightly, often a symbol of self-affirmation and of great esteem. Lately shave her head is back in fashion among women, especially in declination, which sees half shaved head and long hair.

It may not look, but women with shaved heads are becoming more and are not afraid to dare and showing the world as is, without the long hair to show their femininity. The idea of rasarti head teases you? Take a look at photos of some of the most famous celebrities shaved to zero and read tips for rasarti style.

The Woman With Hair in Zero

Let’s face it: not everybody can afford this cut drastically, and not all would. My celebrities are the reference models Agyness Deyn and Amber Rose and actress Natalie Portman, all with beautiful hair shaved.

The characteristics that I find essential to cut all her hair off? I think just simply a very personal style developed, with short hair because the focus shifts immediately to the face and look.

The three famous women who harbor such represent a good starting point for different types of styles, Amber Rose is sexy and aggressive, Agyness Deyn is an alternative and cool, Natalie Portman is romantic and sweet. This shows that the cut to zero is suitable for different types of character, the important thing is to take it with pride and put everything on their own style.

Celebrity Shaved

Amber Rose

Amber Rose because I like his style is very personal and because his hair shaved off his signature are always making it unlike any other.

Amber Rose with long hair is one of many, Amber Rose with her hair shaved is unique, special and beautiful. His signature look is the color of a few millimeters of platinum hair, who are naturally dark.

His features are put into extreme prominence shaved head and Amber plays a lot with makeup: lipstick uses very bright and the eyes are almost always loaded with a line of black eyeliner and lashes long and sexy. Do not forget your eyebrows, always perfect to enhance the look.

Want to copy Amber Rose?

Wearing clothing in strong colors, mixing colors together and prints, and focuses on important details: a necklace, a pair of big earrings, sunglasses different from usual, thick rimmed glasses.

Agyness Deyn

Agyness is very natural and has an alternative and hipster style, consisting of skinny jeans, t-shirts with original prints, shoes, shirts, dresses and colored members. The model is not being abused often, instead of Amber Rose, and aims to cleansed face and the look that attracts attention.

The haircuts are perfect on her, not artificial and blend effortlessly with his colorful personality.

Want to copy Agyness Deyn?

The approach is totally different from that of Rose. Copy it by focusing on a hipster style, finding the accessories that make for yourself and showing off your head shaved without adding makeup. Skin Care for it as its light and uses bright colors in clothing.

Natalie Portman

And we end up with Natalie Portman. Romantic and harmonious, Natalie does not seem like the type of hair shaved off, but here she is with her hair super short, without losing its sweetness.

The Portman grab sensuality and intensity with short hair and play up the look by choosing a soft makeup and eye shadow using warm colors, while the lips remain bare. As for clothing, hair shaved Natalie’s delicate clothing, light colored, according to his personality.

Want to copy Natalie Portman?

Do not give up your femininity, even if your hair is shaved: copy the delicate trick of Natalie Portman and keep a romantic and ultra feminine style through your way of dressing.

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