Hairstyle for short women


If you are a woman a little low and you’re not comfortable with your hairstyle here I bring you some consejitos, however much you like the long hair is not appropriate for your build.

Long hair, he looks good on tall women and not too thin. The long, wavy hair is also not for the petite, as it shortens your silhouette.

You must discard the idea that short hair is very feminine, unlike this season the average hair and hair cuts naked neck caused a furor in the new look. Remember that a haircut semicorto favors you more if you are short. If you are short and thin, I assure you that the average hair cut you will be very good and much better.

But if you are short but a little fat, then cut off your hair without any fear. A hairstyle that favors petite Horsetail is the case if you want to use anyway long hair, but as I said short hair always stay better. Hope this helps …

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