Without hair styles for bikinis

hair styles

There is a bikini wax, hair removal is a type that involves removing pubic hairs in this area and its surroundings. For styles of shaved bikini waxes are used and can be cold or hot, we have:

Normal or regular style
This style removes only the hair that would come to wear swimsuits normal. It is the most common and traditional.

French Style
In this style the hair is left only in the shape of a thin line which is normally vertically above the vulva. Ideal for use revealing bikinis and sexy.

Brazilian Style
There are two types of Brazil, the traditional or full and modified. In the traditional removes all hair from the front and back, vulva, buttocks and anus. This style is preferred by many, in particular models or women who like to use extremely small bikinis. The Brazilian bikini modified leaves a vertical line of hair thinner than the French. This is one of the styles used.

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