The sugar in the diet


There are many people with obesity that has been transformed into one of the worst diseases in the world, also has other health problems like diabetes, heart problems, among others, is not only an aesthetic issue, this article will inform you as a healthy life and also reduce some kilos carrying a controlled consumption of sugar, these tips are very healthy.

First you avoid consuming all that is bakery products containing sugar, it is best replaced by bran biscuits, sugar you consume always do it in a moderate form, using only what you need, such as teas and sweeten tea or coffee.

You can substitute sugar with honey and this is a great trick, honey possesses excellent health, and they do not have as many calories as sugar, avoiding foods high in sugars such as sweets, chocolates, bakery products can lose weight without starvation.

At lunch time you can replace your dessert rich in sugar and glucose, fruit or jelly is much healthier and help you lose weight.

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